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At Voice SEOPRO, we do custom link outreach, we contact media and blog sites in your industry to acquire proper guest posting privileges.

There are 3 types of backlinks.

Forum links & Web Directories – these links can usually be purchased for $5 by spammy freelancers, these are extremely dangerous & will blacklist your web site from Google. Unfortunately, small businesses aren’t aware that these links are dangerous so in turn, some SEO agencies will sell them anyways just for a big profit.

Private Blog Networks/PBNs – This is unfortunately, the industry standard when it comes to acquiring backlinks. 

SEO Agencies will purchase expired domains with already built backlink & site structure, re-design it with a new blog section & post copy spun articles with a backlink to your site. These backlinks are temporary as they usually are removed by the web site owner & actually lower in quality as time goes on.

Guest Posting/Custom Outreach – this is how we do it, it’s the closest you can get to a genuine, long-term backlink. By working closely with blog & media websites in your industry, we develop custom content to publish on their site in return for a backlink to yours. These are real sites with genuine traffic – Google views this as a high-quality and relevant backlink.

Voice SEOPRO is a long-term solution for your SEO — by providing links through our custom outreach model, we are able to rank our customers’ sites for the long-term & at scale.

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