What is Voice SEO Pro?

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Voice SEOPRO is a Voice Search Optimization Platform designed for business owners, business startups and digital marketing specialists. We have combined the power of digital knowledge management with a foundation of traditional SEO.

Digital Knowledge Management
Voice SEOPRO helps you structure and manage all the public facts about your brand and business across the services you know such as Amazon Alexa, Google, Apple, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, and more than 100 other leading services — and ensuring those facts make their way into the Knowledge Graphs behind the voice-powered services of today and tomorrow.

Traditional SEO
Known within our platform as “Voice SEO Foundations”, this part of our platform is all about increasing search visibility for businesses that serve their communities face-to-face. These can be brick-and-mortar businesses with physical locations, like a grocery store or dentist’s office, or service-area businesses that operate throughout a certain geographic area, like an electrician or house cleaning company. By providing weekly content, on-page optimization and backlink outreach & link building we aim to rank your website for the long-term.

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